Break on through with The Doors

I was in my early teens when dad loaded us up and headed for the outer banks of North Carolina. The vacation rental was stocked with a record player and piles of albums with speakers in all corners of the house.

It was the self-titled debut by The Doors that I remember spinning the most that week.

I’ve since analyzed the band’s career over the ensuing years, long after my 15-year old former self was making out in a theatre during the Oliver Stone film or was initially inspired to scribble poetic drivel of my own.

And so last week while binge listening to The Doors I solicited people for their favorite songs via Facebook and text. I was only slightly taken aback by the responses as not many veered from the typical selections.

Although you can hardly go wrong with the greatest hits collection of The Doors, I feel there’s plenty of compelling deep cuts fans have been missing out on.

So I set out to make a list of the top tracks by The Doors. But after debating how such a list should be compiled, I opted to take an easy way out.

For starters, I gathered a chunk of the album tracks I personally dig and threw them in a Spotify playlist along with the other popular nominations from those that responded.

Secondly, I decided to choose two tracks from each of the six studio albums that are among my personal favorites and present those in video form below.

Hope you dig it.

Back Door Man – (from The Doors)

Been Down So Long – (from L.A. Woman)

Five To One – (from Waiting for the Sun)

L.A. Woman – (from L.A.Woman)

My Eyes Have Seen You – (from Strange Days)

Peace Frog/Blue Sunday – (from Morrison Hotel)

Roadhouse Blues – (from Morrison Hotel)

Summer’s Almost Gone/Wintertime Love – (from Waiting for the Sun)

Take It As It Comes – (from The Doors)

The Shaman’s Blues – (from The Soft Parade)

The Soft Parade – (from The Soft Parade)

When The Music’s Over – (from Strange Days)

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