Joe Skinner continues courageous fight against leukemia

How cruel of a world do we live when people are subject to the kind of torture that comes as a result of cancerous diseases?

Makes you question everything you’ve ever believed in, right down to the battle between good and evil and why bad things happen to good people.

Cancer affects people of all ages and chips at the very spirit of helpless bystanders each and every day.

Earlier this month I wrote a story about 17-year old Joe Skinner, a Bishop Moore senior and UCF baseball signee, and his sudden battle with a rare form of leukemia.

Just a couple of days after it was published Skinner was put in the intensive care unit after going into septic shock. An infection was discovered, then more than a week later he was flown by air ambulance to Dallas in hopes of undergoing a previously planned experimental treatment.

Today he remains on a ventilator in ICU with fluid buildup in his stomach after suffering internal bleeding as a result of a liver biopsy. All of this after being given chemotherapy in order to prep him for the crucial treatment mentioned in the link above.

As of today he’s stabilized a bit and seems closer to proceeding to the next stage of treatment, although he’ll need to fully breathe on his own before taking that next step.

I can’t imagine how tough the journey must be for family, friends and teammates close to him.

Skinner was supposed to be playing in the district tournament this week while concerning himself with prom and graduation. Typical senior stuff.

He’ll likely celebrate his 18th birthday next month in a hospital bed instead.

Here’s hoping there’s plenty more celebrations to be had for years to come.

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